Divorce Advice – Rebuilding Your Social Life After Divorce.

Divorce Advice – Rebuilding Your Social Life After Divorce.
Singles socialise too. Being half of a couple involves you in opportunities to socialise with each other’s friends and family, each other’s work colleagues and sports teams, club members etc. Being single simply means that you socialise with your own circle of friends, your family, though some people manage to maintain relationships with their ex-partner’s family, your work colleagues, your sports or other club contacts.
Children can be a great help to establishing a new social network, encourage them to invite their friend’s home, make an effort to meet their friend’s parents, invite them in for coffee when they collect their children.
Becoming single is a great opportunity to review your life, remember what you thought you’d like to do but never had time for, get in touch with who you are and what you are interested in. You have to ask yourself if you would rather spend your life pleasing yourself or being half of a partnership that wasn’t pleasing anybody.
I have a friend who began to study archaeology and now spends 2 months of every year on excavations in Turkey, the rest of the time she is a contract nurse for a private health care company. She takes care of single people on their discharge from hospital after major surgery.
Before her divorce she worked night shifts in the local hospital, her ex-husband worked days and they shared the child care between their shifts. Looking back, she says, it’s no wonder they divorced, they hardly ever spent any time together, and he occupied his evenings with more than childcare. However, I digress.

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