Are you lonely?

Somewhere recently I read, “if you want to get love you need to give love”.

So, it follows that, if you are lonely you need to give your company to other people. I think this is true, we all live in a very busy world, and if you don’t get out there no one is going to come and find you – unless you invite them, and that is offering to share your company, isn’t it?

Try some or all of the following – yes, it will be hard, especially if you are shy as well as lonely, but you came here looking for something to help you make a difference, so here you go….

• Live your life to the full, make the most of everyday, find something to be grateful for. Take a look around there is always going to be someone who is worse off than you are, be grateful you are not them.
• Look around and get interested in what is happening around you, get involved, join your social club at work, volunteer with the Salvation Army, offer to help clean kennels at the local animal rescue centre, offer to baby-sit for colleagues or friends.
• Learn to like people, truly, we are all very good at being critical, try finding something to like in every person you come in contact with, they will respond well to your positive attitude.
• Give something of yourself every day, help someone every day, if you can’t do it in person make a donation to your favourite charity.
• Decide to live your life fully, don’t sit around waiting for something to happen – get busy and do something.
• Choose your goals and stick to them, write them down, put them on the calendar and when you have achieved hem give yourself a reward – take your self out for a treat, you are sure to meet someone along the way to chat to, to help, to admire……
• Join our members area, you’ll be able to meet like minded people on-line!

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