Are you having some fun?

Are you having enough fun?

When I’m talking to people about getting their lives back on track I often hear that they re not having fun. They tell me all they do is work, do the chores, mind the kids, sleep and do it all over again.

You’ll find fun where you look for it and where you make it. Laughter has been proved to help recovery from illness, it has to be good for you. Often you miss out on having fun because you have lost sight of what you really want from life. You are probably busy dealing with whatever life throws at you rather than planning what you will do with your life. You can also pick up your free copy of “How to Improve Your lIfe in 21 Days” right here, or really treat your self and buy our e-book,

“How To Get Your Life Back”

Finding Fun.

• Don’t take yourself seriously.
• Collect jokes from newspapers or the internet and keep them in a scrap book.
• Spend time with people that laugh a lot.
• Decide to look for the positive in every event.
• Read or watch comedies and humorous stories regularly.
• Learn a new joke every week and tell it to as many people as you can.

People that enjoy life tend to be the people that don’t take it too seriously.
I like to ask my self this question when something is bothering me.
• “Will this matter when I’m eighty?”
Usually it won’t so I laugh and move on.

Don’t let life’s little niggles bother you.
• If someone cuts you up on the road, don’t get mad, he may be going to visit his wife or mother in hospital.
• If someone pushes in to your place in a queue, just appreciate the fact that you now have some more down time, (wouldn’t you hate to be in such a big hurry that you would need to push into a queue, if you are, you really do need to get our e-book )
• If someone’s baby is bawling at the top of it’s voice – just remember there were days when you did that too!
• See the big picture, most things that annoy us are little things.
• If it’s that bad – take control, move away!! You can choose to remove yourself from the situation.

Get Your Life Back on Track and have some fun,

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