Team Work to get Your Life Back on Track

Women’s soccer, “winning isn’t everything – it’s loving what you do that means everything”, so says Paul Connelly, coach of the Mighty Bras. Paul’s article, published in the current issue of the Reader’s Digest reminded me that doing things with like minded people is one of life’s tonics.
All too often you think you need to sort out your own problems, deal with your own issues, get your life back on track, sort yourself out, pull yourself together, we say it to ourselves and other people say it to us.
However, getting involved in activities with friends can give us such a boost that we find the energy to tackle some of our issues. Getting busy with activities that take your mind away from your worries for a while can free up your creativity and help you find solutions you hadn’t previously thought of.
Worrying wears you down, putting energy into friends or community charges your batteries, you’ll feel fulfilled and appreciated.
There are two themes running through Paul Connelly’s article, the love and support of friends and ‘loving what you do’.
Doing something you love everyday lifts you out of the monotony of daily routine. If you can earn your living doing what you love consider yourself blessed. Most of us don’t seem to quite manage to pull that off. We find jobs or careers that we can do pretty well and we get on with the daily business of earning a living. If this is you, get back in touch with your passions and spend even a little time every day doing something you are passionate about.
If you are trying to get your life back on track after a divorce or bereavement or redundancy, or perhaps you are recovering from an illness you will help yourself enormously by scheduling time with friends or team mates and time doing something that you truly enjoy. Both activities are healing and rewarding and take you out of yourself.
Team work is not just about sport, you may be part of a team at work, consider any group you belong to your team, e.g. dog training, riding club, quiz group, church group, you can enlist your friends to be members of your support team. Share some of your goals with one or two special friends and ask them to help you by being accountability partners. An accountability partner checks in with you on a regular basis to help you keep on track towards achieving your goals. You are in charge, you set your goals and your time frames, you let your accountability partners or team know what you are aiming to achieve and they monitor and encourage you.
While we are talking about teams, it might be wise to think about people that you don’t want on your team.
You’ll probably be aware of some people in your life that leave you feeling drained and tired, there may be others that put you down or ridicule your ideas, perhaps they are just generally negative about life. You don’t need them.
If you are trying to get your life back on track you need to spend as much time as you can with up-beat positive people – avoid the others. Some people are only happy when they are pulling you down to their level – don’t go there. Choose to spend your time with people that make you feel good.

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