Is it all in your mind?


Some people are old at 50 some never seem old, at least  not in their attitude to life. It seems to me that those with a purpose in life stay young, they manage to keep their lives on track, they keep fit, they have many friends, they eat a healthy diet, they have a routine.

Others, of the same age, feel as though life has passed them by but they aren’t willing to do anything about it. They don’t feel well, they say they don’t have time to exercise – yet they have time to sit around the doctor’s surgery.

They don’t have time to cook so they eat junk food and then spend a fortune on nutritional supplements to replace the vitamins etc they don’t get from their diet.

Whenever you meet them they have something to complain about, they don’t ever seem to see the sunshine, maybe that’s why they have no friends – it’s not easy spending time with negative people.

They know their lives have gone way off track but they are not willing to do anything about it.

What are the signs of a life that’s off track?

  • Feeling stressed.
  • Never enough time.
  • Irritable.
  • Money worries.
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Poor sleep.
  • Weight gain.
  • Depression.

If you recognise any of these in yourself, NOW would be a good time to begin getting your life back on track.

How do you get your life back on track?

Of course it’s not as easy as typing a list and adding the bullet points, but these are the areas you need to work on. Choose the one that resonates most closely with how you feel at the moment and begin there. Get your life back on track one step at a time.

I believe the most important places to begin are diet and exercise – improve your diet and increase your exercise, you’ll begin to feel better in less than 2 weeks. If your relationship is not in good shape put some effort into getting that sorted out. You can very quickly revive your relationship if you feel it’s worth the effort. If you believe it’s truly over, have that conversation with your partner, there is no point in wasting both your lives.

Your quality of life does come from the thoughts you hold in your mind. Positive thinking = positive out look = positive attitude = life worth living. I’m not even going to write down the other stuff – you don’t need to see it again. One day at a time, one habit at a time you can change your life for the better – go to it now.

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