Follow your dream

If you are looking for a good book to read you could try “Put Your Dream to the Test” by John C. Maxwell. I read many many books while doing research for training and for this site. I’m always looking for ways to help or inspire people to make the most of life. This will help you get your life back on track – or even get your dream on track.
Here is a quote I found in the book, it is by Florence Littauer and sums up very nicely the steps to follow your dream.
• Dare to dream, to dream means taking a risk, stepping out of your comfortable surroundings and situation.
• Prepare the dream. The set up determines the success. All is well that begins well. Preparation gives your dream a chance.
• Wear the dream. Put it on. Your dream is not an addendum to your life, it is your life.
• Repair the dream. Continual maintenance is needed to keep dreams going. Dreams need constant tender loving care.
• Share the dream. Pass it on to others. Give them ownership and then accomplish the dream together.

Never forget that friends and colleagues can be valuable, at times indispensable in helping you get your life on track.
You might like to share the above quote with someone that has helped you, it could be just what they need in their lives.

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