Does your partner spend more time with the t.v. than he does with you?


Communication between couples is an essential part of keeping their relationship alive. However it seems that we are often so busy we don’t have time to talk and when we are not busy we have so many other distractions, e.g. television, that finding time to talk is difficult.

People like Dr. David Gray tell us that makes lose testosterone as they deal with stress throughout the day. They need to rebuild their testosterone levels before they are capable of having a conversation. The restore testosterone by relaxing, that used to mean sitting around the campfire with other men now it means blobbing in front of the television 6 nights every week, on the 7th he might go to the bar [campfire] with his mates.

Women need the company of other women in a non-competitive environment to manage their stress. Traditionally women stayed at home with their children and were able to spend time with their friends or family while they did the chores and raised the family.

Today’s women are working out of the home, most working environments involve a degree of competition, who gets promotion? Who will get a pay rise? Who gets the best projects? 

In a competitive environment women produce more testosterone to deal with the stress and therefore have to replace it. If stress gets out of control it very hard to keep your life on track.

That means that when women get home from work they are not in a place where they can communicate effectively with their families or partners.

Working women is a fact of modern life, therefore finding a way to relax and recharge their batteries is a priority to keeping life on track and relationships together.

Keep your life on track by delegating jobs, the whole family benefits from you going to work so they need to help with the chores so that everyone can have time to relax.

It may be a good idea to have 1 hour every night when the television and every other screen in the house is switched off so that interpersonal communication can become a daily event. Put another way, 1 hour every night where you and your partner and family give each other your undivided attention – sound pretty good to me.

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