Can you handle the freedom?

Getting your life back on track after a divorce or separation is pretty scary.
All of a sudden you have the power to choose what you will do.
The power to choose can be exciting or terrifying. You have complete responsibility for your life, your decisions, your money, your time.
You don’t have to rush into things, it’s good to take time to take stock of where you are.
Sara found herself having to deal with the sale of the family home after husband of 18 years had an affair with the nurse at their family doctor’s practice. Her husband and the nurse decided to leave town and set up home together in a town on the other side of the island. However, he insisted the home he had shared with Sara would be sold so that he could contribute to the cost of his new home. He has left Sara to care for their 2 teenage children and deal with the stress of selling their home.
Sara decided to take her time. It was obvious that her husband was not coming back so she had to make sure that she got the best deal possible for herself and the children.
By refusing to sell the house until all other issues were settled Sara was able to secure financial support for her children and buy time for herself to get her life back on track.
Take your time. Make a list of things you need to attend to in the next month, 3 months, 6 months. Be sure to get legal advice regarding money and property as soon as possible.
Think about things you have always wanted to do but haven’t managed yet, include doing one or two of these things in your plan. Finding your way through the emotional and traumatic minefield on divorce is hugely stressful so it important that you build in some positive and rewarding activities for yourself.

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