And Then She ‘Borrowed’ My Husband!

Single women over a certain age sometimes get a bad press. It seems that for some of them getting their lives on track means getting a man – any man. I have heard women not long out of a relationship say that they felt sure they would have met someone else ‘by now’. We might only be talking 6 months down the track!
And desperate certainly isn’t attractive!
• Do married women need to keep a watchful eye on their husbands ?
• Would a friend steal your husband?
• Would your husband leave you for one of your friends?
Just the other day I was writing about research that shows sex and love don’t come as a package in men’s brains, they can have sex with someone and not love them. Men are looking to spread their gene pool, women are looking for a father for their children – yes, that’s how it works, these are the basic drivers!
I digress.
Newly single women do have a lot of adjustments to make, they have not only lost their companion, they have lost the D.I.Y. man, the ‘what’s wrong with the car’ information bureau, the garden help, the ‘put that in the attic’ person among other things.
It’s no wonder they appear to be needy and do genuinely need help with these jobs. I guess it takes two to tango and putting your husband in a situation where another woman is both beholden and grateful to him could be asking for trouble. Men love to be needed and feel appreciated – and she is just trying to get her life back on track……..
You may think I’m being cynical here, I’m not, it happens all the time, relationships break up because either the husband or the wife has decided to go with the partner of one of their friends. Not surprising really, since your friends will have similar interests to you, they know the same people, in some ways it is probably a very easy transition to make – interestingly though, not many of these liaisons go the distance.
Where are we going with this?
• Not all separated or divorced women are desperate to find a man.
• Most of your friends would not even entertain the thought of getting into bed with your husband.
• Most husbands are reliable most of the time.
What I’m saying is don’t tempt fate. If you see that one of your girlfriends is particularly needy and asks for a lot of ‘man help’, keep an eye on what is happening, go with your husband when he goes to her place, make it clear that you are happy to help but that’s where it stops. On a conscious level neither of them will be planning the get involved but circumstances can affect people in strange ways.
Single women are probably no more of a risk to your relationship than married women, remember the stats for the numbers of men and women that have affairs.
It’s your responsibility to make sure that your relationship is in good shape, look after it, don’t let it slide into mundane routine then get a shock when your partner thinks he or she has found someone more exciting.

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