Yet another baby dies in New Zealand.

A six month old boy died in Auckland’s Starship Hospital as a result of being shaken and hit on the head.
Another baby killed by another young man. One life lost – how many destroyed by the loss and the guilt.
It seems there are two main issues.
• Safety of the child.
• Competence of the carer.

1. If you are going to entrust your child into the care of anyone be sure you know them very well. If you have any concerns about anger management, substance or alcohol abuse, don’t take the risk. Find someone else to care for your child, take them with you or stay at home.
2. If you are asked to care for a child and you are not confident that you can manage please say NO or get someone to help you.
There are several organisations in New Zealand that can help with either child care or anger management.
The Plunket Organisation would be a good place to begin looking for information, your local council will also have a list of resources.
But let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of young people making an excellent job of caring for their children, and if you are a relative or friend of young parents or a single parent be ready to give them a break.

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