Proactive or Reactive?

Which one are you?

The easiest way to be proactive and have control of your life is to know what you want from life.

Very many people don’t even think about what they would like from life. They leave school or college. Get a job, get a mate, reproduce, pay the bills, hope they have enough for a new car now and then, a holiday most years and some money when they retire, then they die. Nothing wrong with that you may say, and that is fair comment, except that there is so much more that you can have from life.

Having the life you want starts with knowing what you want from life.

• What have you dreamed of being or having since you were a child?
• Answer your “if only” questions
• Put some time frames around some of your desires – best to work on 1 or 2 things at a time that way you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Take your time, even take a few days, go back and look at your life board, instructions on how to make one in our free course
Make sure that what you put on it is what you really want.

So what would you like to achieve in your life?
What can you achieve this year?
What will you have achieved in 5 years?
Where will you be in 10 years?
Where will you be in 20 years?

Start with the question about what you can achieve this year, mind map some of the possibilities.

Suppose two of the areas you would like to work on are health and finance – look at how the mind map below pulls them together and they each help the other along.

Life doesn’t happen in isolation, events in life don’t happen in isolation. Everything you do has an impact somewhere else in your life.

If you get your fitness levels up you have more energy to do more things for your self or with your family.

If you improve your finances you give yourself more choices about what you eat, what you wear, where you go on holiday, how your old age will be catered for.

When you make your mindmap use lots of colours to draw your lines between ideas, draw little pictures to help you focus or to help heighten the feeling, e.g. if you really would like a beach holiday, draw a beach umbrella stuck in some yellow sand. Using words and pictures engages both sides of your brain and your ideas will flow wild and wonderful.

Get your life back on track, now, don’t wait until tomorrow – you know it never comes!

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