Just because you are over 40 doesn’t mean you know what you want.

Get your life back on track, have some fun, find a new partner, get promotion at work, go on a world tour, buy another house, buy a new car, get some new friends. You have probably thought, at some time, that you need to do some of these things.
Middle age, menopause, male-menopause, divorce, redundancy, any of these things can trigger the need to re-evaluate life.
You know there is something you want to change but you are not sure exactly what. Things may not have worked out the way you planned, if you ever had a plan, and now, for some reason, it’s time to make some changes, but just how do you know what to change.
Ask yourself two questions,
1. What parts of my life do I absolutely not want to, or will I not be able to change.
2. Which aspects of my personality do I not want to, or won’t I be able to change.
There will always be some things that you will not be able to change about your circumstances , e.g. you can’t simply leave your job and put yourself in financial hardship. There will be aspects of your character that you won’t want to change. The trick is in identifying the things you can change that will make it easier for you to re-shape your life, e.g. if you know you are guilty of gossiping or nagging or drinking too much and these things have caused problems in the past, you can be pretty sure they will cause problems in the future.
Once you have identified the things you can’t or won’t change you have set the parameters for creating you new structure. You will be able to set goals using the answers to these questions as your foundation.
There is no point in setting a goal of earning a million dollars if you are not willing to change your day job or give up your evenings in front of the television.
Nothing happens without action, so if you want more of the same just keep on doing what you are doing.
Watch this space for suggestions and ideas to help you get your life back on track by making the changes that really make a difference.

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