Babies at work.

I’ve just read an article about a company, Smart Payroll, based in Wellington NZ, they have made arrangements for their staff to bring their babies and young children to work with them. Hours are flexible and if the children are really grumpy or unwell their mothers can take them home and work from there or catch up on work at another time. It works as long as the work gets done. These mums appreciate the chance to carry on with their careers and care for their children, and the company keeps it’s experienced staff. Well done Smart Payroll.

Of course not all work environments are conducive to having small children around, and not all companies are so innovative or understanding. I personally know of a young mother who was told that she had to return to work full time or not at all. Her employer wouldn’t even consider a job share.

It is very hard as a parent trying to decide what is best for your baby and the family as a unit. Some mothers have to go back to work to earn money the family needs to survive, many mothers are single parents and have to make the choice between living on state benefits or working long hours and not having time to spend with their children. Gone, or almost gone are the days of having extended family living close by and helping with the children, many families are spread far and wide or at work themselves.

It would be interesting and useful to hear about how some of you cope with work and child care, share your strategies, you could help someone else to solve a problem.

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