Change your thoughts change your life.

‘It is not possible to continue a feeling or behaviour that does not serve you, or in some way is not resourceful for you and to do so consciously. Become conscious of how you are creating your results in your life. As you observe that creative process, with awareness, what does not serve you falls away’.
Bill Harris, Thresholds of the Mind, p138.

I love this quote from Bill Harris, creator of the Holosync Meditation Programmes. It reminds me to be aware of, and monitor my daily thoughts and activities.

Are you running on automatic pilot, dealing with crises, fighting fires, reacting, responding, just trying to keep up?

If this sounds like you it’s time to slow down and take stock. It’s time to become conscious of how you are using your time and energy.

If a behaviour or feeling is not serving you, that is, not in your best interests, you need to change it. You can change it by becoming aware of it and replacing it with a behaviour or feeling that works in a positive way for you.

Are you feeling grouchy and grumpy towards your partner, is there an under current of tension or bad feelings. Is there something there niggling you holding you back from being your best self in your relationship? If you stop and think about the feeling or what you are doing and decide whether it is in your best interest, you become aware or conscious of the thought or feeling; once that has happened you can change it.

e.g. At the end of the day, instead of looking forward to getting home and seeing your partner you begin to feel irritated and by the time you get home you are ready to argue or nag about anything. This behaviour is not good for you or your relationship.
Why do you feel this way at the end of the day, is it just tiredness or is there something else going on?
Are you jealous that your partner gets home first and can relax with a cup of tea before preparing the meal?
Do you think that you work harder than your partner, or that in some way you are not appreciated?

Becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings allows you to turn them into something positive.

If you are simply very tired at the end of the day, perhaps you need to take time to have a short rest at work or in a café before heading home.
If it’s about your partner getting home first and relaxing a little, try to appreciate the fact that they also provide a meal for you, or they have spent time with the children, put yourself in their shoes.
Perhaps you feel like you need a little more attention – ask for it! Mostly the people we live with are more than happy to try to make us happy, we just need to remember that they are not psychic. Asking for what you would like is O.K., you don’t have to be a martyr or feel like you are a victim, instead, identify the thought or feeling, work out where it is coming from and deal with it, turn it into a positive action that will work for you and those around you.

Negative Thinking <> Negative Feeling
Positive Thinking <> Positive Feeling

There is always two sides to a story, make sure you choose the one that works, not the one that destructs.

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