Can you attract your perfect partner?

It seems that we may be able to do just that. If you follow this blog you will know that I’m very much into monitoring thoughts and feelings. They way you think about things, events or people affects the way you feel about them.
Athletes and other sports people commonly use visualisation to help them achieve their goals, they are trained to see themselves standing on the winner’s podium accepting the gold medal. Of course it doesn’t stop there, they have training plans, they commit to a certain amount of work every day, they visualise their achievements step by step.
Some business people use the same process, they create a picture of their perfect business, how it will operate, where from, how many staff and how much money they will make. The act of committing a plan to paper and then working it does indeed enable people to achieve great success.

One of the major factors is that working in this way encourages the brain to work on what you DO want opposed to what you don’t want. Too often we think or worry about all the things we don’t want. Your unconscious brain doesn’t know the difference between do and don’t, it just picks up the pictures and the ideas and it goes to work on making sure that’s what you get. So if you are constantly worrying about not having enough money to pay the bills – that’s what you’ll get, not enough money to pay the bills.

Likewise if you are always thinking that you’ll never find the right person to share your life with – that’s what you’ll get, you won’t find the right person.

I’ve said before that for many of us, and I’ve been there, choosing a partner can happen by accident, or for the wrong reasons, then we try to make the best of what we have. This time, decide what kind of person you would like to share your time with and attract that person into your life.

There is a section on how to choose the right person for you in our e-book, How to Improve Your Relationship, but I’ll give you an outline here of what you need to do.

1. List the qualities you would look for in your ideal partner.
2. What interests would you like them to have – so that you can do things together.
3. How should they look, remember we can’t all have George Clooney or Angelina Jolie!, so list features rather than saying he needs to look like…..
4. What level of income / what career?
5. Do you need them to enjoy long periods of time with your family?
6. What about children – to have or not to have.

The list could go on. Some things will be must haves other will be preferences, but you will create a picture of your ideal mate. When you have done that write a few notes describing the kinds of things you do together, and most importantly how you feel while you are spending time with this person. Keep it all in the present tense, your unconscious brain only works in the present tense.

When you have finished your project be sure to read it over at least 3 times everyday and really get into the feelings you are having in this new relationship. Daydream about it, add to your notes as any new thoughts occur to you.

The next stage is to relax and see what happens. Remember this is not about changing anyone to fit your picture, this is about using your powers of visualisation to attract the kind of person you would like to spend your time with.

Meanwhile you may need to do some work on yourself, make sure that you are the kind of person that your ideal mate would want to spend time with. Let your thoughts and actions be a reflection of you being the best kind of person you can be.
You may need to make some changes in your social life, you may need to take up a new sport, join a class or volunteer for some community work. Your job is to get out there and give yourself as many opportunities as you can to meet as many people as you can, while remembering to read the profile you created several times everyday.

Have fun!

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