Are you unconsciously giving away your power?

How independent are you?  You may have a job, a family and your own home, but do you make your own decisions, do you even know what you want?

  • Do you still look for your parent’s approval and behave according to their expectations?
  • Is your life filled with ‘must do’s’ for other people, “I must phone Agnes, she’ll be expecting to hear from me……”
  • Do you always seek your partner’s permission before you do anything?
  • Are you able to speak your truth and tell people how you feel – or do you keep quiet rather than upset or offend them?
  • Are you easily hurt by what other people say or do?
  • Are you stuck in a job you hate because the boss did you a good turn – a long time ago?
  • Do you need to have other people’s approval to feel good?
  • Do you have expectations about how your partner should behave, do you become embarrassed by some of the things he / she does?

If you are answering yes to some of these questions you are giving your power away. Independent people are free to make their own decisions and are generally happy with themselves. Independent people negotiate win / win agreements with family, friends, lovers, employers, they are not obligated or controlled by feelings of having to keep other people happy.

Are you struggling with some of these ideas?

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