Why is it so difficult to confess?

I was part of a team presenting a profiling and goal setting course at the weekend, the most interesting part was observing the participants while they wrote down all the things they are good at!

You know, they went like trains on the stuff they would like to change but when it came to self praise they were more like unicycles in reverse.

It seems to me that it was almost as hard for them to acknowledge their self worth as it would be to confess to having an affair! We all know it’s difficult to confess our black deeds, we don’t want to endure the other person’s wrath or disapproval, we don’t want to look at ourselves under the bright light of scrutiny. But telling the truth about what you are good at, why is that so hard?

It may be a cultural thing, we are brought up not to brag, not to be bigheaded, we are warned not to be over confident – don’t count your chicken’s before they hatch etc., etc., So, what do we do?

Should we hang around waiting for someone else to tell us how good we are?
Should we keep our lights well hidden under the nearest bushel or in the cupboard under the staircase?
Should we wait for a performance review to see if anyone has noticed that we are good at what we do?

I don’t think so!

You mat not want to run around telling everyone you meet what a great person you are, but it is important to acknowledge what you can do and what you are good at. It is extremely important that you acknowledge to yourself how talented and skilled you are, what a decent kind person you are – if you are! If not, we have a course for you!!

Building confidence and self esteem begins with feeling good about yourself and one of the quickest ways to feel good about yourself is to recognise your unique set of qualities, skills and talents.

Go and get a large sheet of paper and a pen and cover it with notes on everything you can do, right down to cooking a meal or mowing the lawn, quick, get busy, cover both sides of the paper!

e.g. I can read a map, I make great coffee, I am great Dad / Mum, I grow yummy veg, I can run 10k, I can use a computer, I can stick to my budget, etc.,

You’ll probably need to get several sheets of paper before you are finished.

You don’t have to show anyone your list, but you should read it yourself – often, and add to it. Acknowledge your greatness and you’ll feel better, achieve more and be happier. Treat yourself to something, a long lie in bed at the weekend, a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, celebrate yourself and all the great things you do, enjoy.

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