We = Sharing or does it?

This follows on from ‘Living Alone is Fine”, when ‘me’ becomes ‘we’ all sorts of things take on new meaning, boundaries need to be reviewed, agreements need to be made.

Sharing your life with someone also means sharing your time, your possessions and some or all of your income. Most arguments between couples are about money, time, space and sex.

We all come with our own ideas of what we need to be happy, what we need to survive and what we can give or share. Yet our ideas may be very different from those of the person we choose to share our life with.

Think about these questions:

How would you feel about supporting your partner financially if they needed to give up work?
How do you respond when your partner offers to help you with a task?
How do you feel when your partner watches you working while they relax with a book or television?
How do you respond when your partner approaches you for sex and you are not in the mood or too tired?

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