Ideas from my scrapbook

It’s a dull gray Saturday here in Timaru, so I settled down to tidy up my computer. ], an on it goes, however, my scrap book is often a source of inspiration for me when I’m thinking of things to share with you on this blog.
The following quote is from Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, “Real commitments can be made only about things you have control over. Real commitments are verifiable. If you make a phony commitment — such as, “I promise to love you forever” — you set up an impossible situation by promising an illusion. Nobody can commit to loving someone forever because some days you won’t even wake up feeling loving toward yourself. Love is a mystery — part feeling, part spirit, part mind — and mysteries by their very nature are outside our control. A real commitment would be to commit to telling your partner the truth about when you’re feeling loving and when you’re not. This type of commitment saves relationships while turning on the flow of intimacy and creativity”.
Commitment is a big heavy word, but life would be pretty meaningless if we didn’t have some commitments.
If you are a regular, you will know that I’m working o a book about raining great kids, surely that has to one of our biggest commitments. The commitment to do the best we can for our children. It is surprising then, to find that many parents don’t have any real idea about how children learn and develop, their children seem to be raised in a fairly ad hoc sort of way. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do that, but I think it is a good idea to commit to a few basic principles, e.g. to be honest with your children, to spend some 1 on 1 time with them every day, to tell them you love them – often, to walk away when you are angry.
My commitments revolve around my family, my animals and my work, sometimes I feel as though I have too many commitments, that’s when I go through my diary and realise that being busy doesn’t mean being committed. Take a look over the last month or so in your life, did you make sure you had time for the things in your life you are committed to? If not, get rid of some of the busy-ness, make time for the important things.

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