Expertise in People Skills

Expertise in People Skills. I used this phrase recently to promote a course that a colleague and I intend to deliver. The following is an excerpt from one of out flyers. You can use it as a check list, if you feel you need a Power Boost in any of these areas, you’ll find all you need in my ebook, ‘How to get Your Life Back’, get it right here on this site! Or if you live in NZ and you would like to attend or organise a course, get in touch, either here or on out next move email, see below.

Next Move NZ
Training Opportunities

We are currently offering two dates in Timaru, 15th and 29th May 2010, other dates to follow. Dunedin dates will be published on confirmation of venue.

Give Your Life a Power Boost.

Introducing our Power Boost Principles

This is an opportunity to apply the Power Boost Principles to your situation.
• Give your self the time to align your aspirations with your values.
• Get back in touch with your passions.
• Walk out knowing you are heading in the right direction.

Power Boost Your Relationships.

This opportunity is not just about your intimate relationships, though we will go there!
• Learn the importance of communication
• Communicate to achieve win/win
• Understand the power of trust

Power Boost Your Career

An opportunity to evaluate where you are in your career.
• Is your career in line with your values and passions?
• Do you know how to get promotion?
• Is it ever too late to change?

Other Next Move Opportunities

• Negotiation Skills
• Conflict resolution
• Change Management / Risk Assessment

Contact us –

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