Do you have a new baby in your family?

Useful Questions to Ask Yourself.

Bearing in mind that your child’s safety and the safety of those around her is paramount, ask the following question when trying to come to a decision about how to handle a situation.

• Does this really matter?
• Whom does it affect?
• Will it hurt her or me or my things?

Asking these questions allows you to reflect on the needs of the moment.

We all have certain needs that must be satisfied. These needs are different during the different stages of life, but satisfaction of these needs is essential if we are to stay sane and healthy.

Our basic needs are around physical things such as food, safety, warmth and shelter.

Then we move on to trust, confidence, pride, these needs are present from a very early age, a baby learns to trust that it’s parents will take care of it – this happens when you, as a parent, are reliable and caring.

When you are able to let your child express himself completely then you may guide him to recognise his needs, wants and emotions and teach him how to deal with these things in a socially acceptable way. Ultimately we all have to live within the confines of society so if you can consistently satisfy your child’s needs while teaching her to manage her feelings then you make it easy for your child to take her place in society as an adult.

Meeting the needs of early childhood enables the development of a confident successful adult.

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