Being Busy

The last two weeks have been very ‘busy’, but they have been very unproductive from a writing point of view. I have allowed myself to be distracted by other people’s stuff. Yes, it is a good thing to help other people and to share your skills and talents, but it has to be balanced by keeping on track. I find that when I allow busy-ness to creep into my life I lose focus and begin to feel frustrated, along with that comes frustration and impatience.

If you seem to spend your life being busy yet not, achieving the things you would like to achieve, if you feel frustrated and irritated, if you are impatient with those around you, maybe you have allowed busy-ness to take the place of focus.

One of my favourite sayings is ‘if you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.’ Seems it’s time for me to take some of my own medicine! I’m off now to take a look in my diary for this week and weed out some busy-ness. I’ll replace it with time for me to focus on some of the things that give me a sense of achievement and satisfaction. One of these things will be having time to write about some of the inspirational events of the last week, several key phrases have jumped out of pages at me and magazines I wouldn’t normally read have caught my attention! More of that later when I have it all sorted out and written down for you.

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