Are You Feeling Optimistic?

I’ve noticed that my friends that are optimistic seem to enjoy life more and achieve more in their lives than those that are less optimistic, not necessarily pessimistic, just not terribly optimistic.

What is optimism?

Optimism is the ability to see the possibilities and opportunities in life, it is the ability to turn defeat into victory. It let’s you keep your life on track. If you were an athlete, all ready to run your race, what would you be thinking?
• “I am going to win this, I’m ready to go and win”


• “I am probably going to be last, I don’t know what I’m even doing here”

Which thought process is going to help you win? Optimism helps all kinds of people.

• Optimistic sales people make 75% more sales than pessimistic sales people.
• Optimistic students score higher grades than pessimistic students.
• Optimism has been shown to help all kinds of people achieve success – even fishermen! It’s all down to what you believe will happen.

Optimism can be learned. You just need to increase your belief in yourself and life. Here is a few suggestions.
• Believe in you – give yourself a chance, believe you will get what you want.
• Believe that positive action will bring positive outcomes.
• Believe that your God will give you what you need.
• Believe that you will find the tools or skills that you need to succeed.
• Believe that you deserve to get a good result.

Take it slowly, you had to learn to drive your car slowly, gradually increasing your skill and speed, it’s the same with most other things in life, take it slowly, build a solid foundation and step by step you will realise that you can achieve what ever it is you set out to do.

Optimism and Attitude are close bed mates. You’ll generally find that optimists have a positive attitude to life. There is something to learn from every event and person you come across, look for the lesson and use it to your advantage, keep your life on track.

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