Why are you having a relationship?

A relationship is an opportunity to express WHO you are.

It is an opportunity to live by your best values.

I read these things in Conversations With God, book 1, N.D Walsch. I spend a lot of time helping people to work through relationship issues and much of what I hear is about them not getting what they want or their partner not behaving as they would like.

I don’t hear too much about the other side of the coin. Rarely does anyone come to me and say, can you help me please, I’m behaving like a selfish spoiled brat! But that is often the reality.

A relationship is an opportunity to express WHO you are.

So, WHO are you?

Are you in a relationship for what your partner can do for you or give to you? Are you there to make his or her life the best it can be?

I’m not going to say any more about it at the moment, I just want to leave you with this question.

What does your behaviour within your relationship say about the kind of person you are?

You can’t make anybody else change, you can only change yourself and by that token things around you may change.

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