Sex when you are not as fit as you used to be.

Menopause and Sexuality.
This affects both men and women. Many people lose fitness and strength as they age but that needn’t stop you having sex. And there are specific exercises that you can do to enhance your sexual satisfaction, more on that later.

Many couples reach mid-life and heave a sigh of relief, the kids have left home, the mortgage is paid off and, if they have planned well, there is a bit of money in the bank. However, some couples find that in the process of raising a family and paying off the mortgage they have lost some of the intimacy from their relationship. Then menopause hits!

Let’s take a positive spin on this, we all know the demons that menopause can bring, but how about dealing with these demons together.

Ladies, tell your partner what’s going on – it is natural and it happens to every woman in some shape or form, you don’t need to try to hide it.

Gentlemen, find out about it – the more you know the better you can help your partner navigate her way through this life change – and don’t forget you’ll be having a few changes yourself, so get clued up!

Today I’m going to talk about sex when you have less stamina than you used to, but as usual for these intimate matters the article is in the member’s area. I have to respect family breakfast time!

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