Menopause and Your Sense of Identity

Your Sense of Identity,

If you follow this life blog you’ll know that I’ve been writing about sex and getting older, one of these aspects has been how menopause can affect your relationship and your sex life.
I was working with a woman today who told me that her relationship fell apart during menopause. She suffered mood swings, anxiety and insecurity. Her husband of over 20 years decided to play away from home. When she found out she was devastated. She said that during her menopause she felt that she had lost touch with who she was, and on top of that losing her husband seems to emphasise that fact that she seemed to have lost her identity.

From time to time in your life you may feel like you lose your identity, in the first flush of a new romantic relationship, you may feel like you only function as one half of a couple, temporarily you lose your sense of independence.

When you have children you may feel as though you lose your sense of identity, you even gain a new name! Many young parents, especially mothers say that they seem to have lost themselves.

You may lose yourself in a business, in a project, in an affair, and it can be very difficult to get back in touch with who you really are.

It is important, however, to maintain your identity, only by being true to yourself can you really be true to others or to whatever it is you give your energy and attention. Keep in touch with your values, what you stand for; maintain your boundaries and interests. These are the things that will keep you strong in a crisis.

Today’s lady, went on to say that the double whammy of menopause and losing her husband had resulted in several months of depression, during which time she went through the full range of emotions from hopelessness to anger.

The work we were doing today revolved around getting back in touch with her passions – things from her youth that stirred her heart. We went onto look at what she stands for. Your values and your passions form a framework on which you can hang the rest of your life activities. Your values and your passions affect the job you do, they make the difference between loving it and hating it. Values and passions have an influence on the kind of friends you chooses and of course they contribute to you overall view of life.

If you have been trying to live without taking account of your values and passions you may well feel that you have lost touch with who you are and what you stand for.

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