How is your child growing up?

Today I have sent the first chapter of my next ebook to my webmaster, the book is about raising kids. It’s not about when or what to feed them or when to change their nappies, it’s about raising your kids with a picture of how you would like them to turn out in your mind.

If you have read ‘The Secret’ or any book in the same genre you will be aware of the power of intent. Intention is a powerful motivator, where people fall down is that they often try to go too fast, then they feel let down because things don’t work out the way they hoped.

Well, you can’t go too fast with your children, you can try, but they will only learn and develop at their own pace. What you can do is provide them with the best opportunities and examples that you can.

This is where intention comes in. You intend to raise your child to be a kind, fair and generous human being, therefore, you have to be the example. You intend to be a kind, fair and generous parent, these qualities you will pass on. Of course we all have different temperaments and qualities and children raised in the same household by the same parents will often be very different from each other. But it is only in very rare cases that a child raised in a loving, supportive and fair household will grow up to be a criminal. Boys, more than girls, often go off the rails in their teens, don’t worry, most of them are back on track by the time they reach 20, it’s just part of growing up.

Back to the book. It has been my intention to write a book that raises your awareness of the impact the experiences you give your child has on his future. Think back to your own childhood, what are your most vivid memories. Are they good? Are they bad? What kind of memories do you want your child to have?

My experience in working with families over the last 20 or so years tells me that many parents don’t think about what they are teaching their children, they are reactive. That means they try to deal with things as they arise and that’s fine up to a point – there will always be things that we have to ‘react’ to. I’m advocating that you become a proactive parent, find out what each developmental stage is likely to mean for your child, be prepared to make the most of it. Make plans about how you are going to deal with naughty behaviour, how you are going to set boundaries, what responsibilities you will give your child etc., etc.

If this all sound a bit heavy don’t worry, I have decided to make this book available one chapter at a time, in the member’s area,
I will also have a look around for other helpful web places and list these for you in our friends section. You can send me your questions, I’ll answer them on the blog. Just remember what it was like to be a kid – that’s a good place to start.

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