Don’t let FEAR rule your life

Are you allowing FEAR to create the life you don’t want?

I’m re-reading Linda Goodman’s Star Signs at the moment and thought I’d share with you some of what she says about creating the life you want and fear.

I wrote some time ago about fear and how fear holds us back from living the life we want, find it in my blog at Life Coach Help – the best thing…. 1/11/09.

Linda says that fear is such a powerful emotion that it actually emits a scent – we know this, people often say that they could smell the fear; animals smell fear.

Fear is very powerful and just as it stops us doing certain things or in fact makes us do other things it can also stop us from getting the life we would like to have. Fear turns your positive thoughts and energy into negative thoughts and energy.

Think back to the last time you changed jobs or maybe you were hoping to start a relationship with someone. Did your self talk go a bit like this, “I would really like to get this job, but I think I’m not experienced enough, maybe I don’t have the right qualifications, maybe they won’t like the way I look etc., etc. If it was a relationship, “I really like the look of her, I’d like to go and talk to her but she might think I’m too pushy, maybe I’m not her type, maybe she’ll think I’m a dork. Fear is responsible for these thoughts, fear that you won’t be good enough.

Many people worry about money, they wish they had more but the overriding thought is a fear of not having enough.

Back to Linda for a moment, she uses this phrase, ‘Image-Ordain-Manifest’. What she is saying is, think about it, talk about it and it’ll happen.

So, what are you thinking about? What are you talking about? What is happening in your life?
What are you going to do about it?

Image – think about the thing or situation as though it is already happening, see it, smell it, feel it, hear it, play the movie in your mind.
Ordain – talk about it as though it is happening – come on, you can do it, people talk to themselves all the time!
Manifest – Act as though it is happening, be happy about it, enjoy the thought of it do whatever bit you can of it.

Suppose you want to earn more money.
Image – see in your minds eye the numbers in your bank account, be grateful for that abundance. Think, see, feel, hear the things you’ll be doing when you have more money – and crucially, when you have enough to do the things you want to do, see yourself giving half of the rest away. Think about how you could use your extra money to make other people happy. Enjoy this film, play it in your mind as though it is happening now.
Ordain – talk to yourself about the life you are living with your extra money. “ I’m enjoying being with my family most of the day. I really appreciate giving my whole family a great holiday. I’m enjoying driving my new Mercedes car, I’m feeling really good about helping build a new hospice in our town”

Manifest – Look at your finances, how can you make better use of the money you have? Allocate an amount every week to give to charity or someone in need, no matter how little you may have you will always have more than some other person – and every little helps.
Look at your career, can you take on some training or move departments to earn some more money, is there something you can do in your spare time.
How do you spend your spare time – set aside time every week to have fun with your family, set aside time for your self to focus on creating the life you would like to live.

Manifest means “to make something evident by showing or demonstrating it very clearly”.

You demonstrate what you want through the above process and you show your commitment by doing everything you can to live as though it was already here right now.

Don’t let fear creep into your thinking, if you worry and talk about not having enough or never falling in love, then you never will, you get what you think and talk about – have faith in the universe.

Fear is the opposite of faith, but we are more used to fear, for thousands of years we have been told to have faith and then been controlled by fear. Traditional religions tell us to have faith in God and then say that if we don’t so this that or the other we will go to hell, or God will send plagues etc to punish us.

God, the Divine Intelligence or whatever else you want to call The Creative Energy of the Universe does not seek to punish or reward. Man has free will and can choose how to use the energy that is available to him. Your choice, you can let negative thinking and fear create the life you don’t want – or you can use the power of Image-Ordain-Manifest to create the life you do want.

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