Do Things That Say ‘I love You”.


Love is not just about sex, though for some men making love to their partner is their main expression of love, they seem to forget that there are many other ways to show love and be loved.

Communicating love is especially important as people get older. Physical changes during menopause and ‘andropause’ may mean that making love becomes less frequent. That, along with the other changes a couple has to cope with, e.g. some loss of vitality, weight gain, and the physical changes mentioned and posted in the members area, can cause a serious amount of strain in a relationship.

Do things that say ‘I Love You’, if you don’t know already take time to learn about the little things that your partner enjoys, e.g. buy a small bunch of flowers or get him a car or hunting magazine. Does she enjoy a cup of tea in bed before she gets up in the morning?
Does he have a favourite shirt he like’s to wear at the weekend?
Hide love notes in their shoes.
Send a card that simply says I love you.

Take time to share daily news and experiences together. Indulge in lingering kissing, flirt with each other, make dates to meet for coffee, or after work for a walk in the park.

Remember birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Middle age often means a loss in confidence for both men and women, reassurance from their partner that they are loved as much as ever can go a long way to making mid-life an uplifting, rather than a stressful experience.

Take time right now to write a list of 21 things you can do over the next 21 days to reaffirm your love for your partner.
I’ll give you a few ideas here but the rest is up to you.

Arrange to go for a walk in the park or on the beach on Sunday afternoon.

Place a bar of your partner’s favourite chocolate or other treat on their pillow.

Programme your cell phone to send an ‘I love you’ message every 15 minutes one morning.

Get up early and make breakfast in bed for both of you.

Stick post-its with compliments around the house, e.g. you have great legs, you are the best …..

Use your imagination, pray to God or the Universe for inspiration, send me an email for some more ideas, just get busy and make your list. You’ll be amazed at how much your love will grow.

Just a note – you don’t have to wait till you are middle aged to do this – it works at any age!

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