Are you dreaming your life away?


I may have mentioned a few days ago that I’m working on producing a new course with a friend of mine.
We are both very experienced in working with people and over the last 8 years of working together we have noticed a very definite pattern.

To put it bluntly there are the ‘doers’ and the ‘dreamers’.

The ‘doers’ come to courses, they have ideas, they want to get the tools they need to make a difference in their lives.

The ‘dreamers’ come to courses and think that coming to the course will change their lives.

I have found this same pattern among the people that visit this site and sign up for courses.

The ‘doers’ let me know how they are going, they ask questions, the ‘dreamers’ sign up and many of them don’t even finish reading the course, I know this because I contact people randomly to evaluate how useful people find my materials.

The new course I’m working on is designed to give people a power boost to help them come out of the recession on top.

When the economy is slow we are bombarded with news stories of how bad things are, you could believe that the country is set to go down the gurgler! When we hear bad news all the time it depresses our out look on life and how we feel about things. If you are not careful you can end up in a deep deep rut, not even of your own making.

Are you a ‘dreamer’ or a ‘doer’? I don’t think there is a nice way to say this, “You are not going to improve your life by sitting on your butt thinking about it”.

Of course you need to dream up some ideas of how you would like things to be. Then you need some action.

It goes a bit like this:-

Dream – think – investigate – plan – set goals – reward yourself – tick off each goal as you achieve it – before you know where you are you are seeing the changes you want in your life.

Everything on this website is designed to help you turn your dreams into reality – but you need to take action!

This is the question, are you coming out of the recession on top or are you going to be stuck in the under-tow?

If you do nothing else collect your free 21 day course – and do what it says!
You will get your life back on track.

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