Melanie Talks to John

Sorry you’ve had to wait for to find out about Melanie’s chat with John – life gets busier than planned from time to time!
Melanie arranged to meet John for coffee while Janet was having her hair done. John was, understandably, anxious.
He decided the best plan was to listen, not interrupt, let Melanie get things off her chest. He was shocked by what Melanie had to say. She told him that Janet’s confidence was at an all time low, that she feels unattractive, she feels used, betrayed, humiliated, broken hearted and not at all sure that she has done the right thing in sticking with John and coming to NZ. Janet has told her sister that she isn’t sure that she can ever trust John again. Hearing these things from someone else rocked John to his core, he had been fooling himself that everything would be fine, things would get back to normal – it would seem that ‘normal’ might be a long way away.

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