Janet expected that John would spend time with her…

Janet had an expectation that John would spend time with her at the weekend, she planned a romantic weekend, when she told John he said that he arranged to play golf with his new colleagues. Janet told John that he should be spending time with her, she said he must cancel the golf. She told him that it was his fault they had had to move to Christchurch and that he should not abandon her at the weekend.
John, said that he would be with her on Sunday, but that he would play golf on Saturday.
Janet was very upset, she expected more of John and when he arrived home very drunk in the wee small hours of Sunday morning, she decided to take some time out.
John awoke to find himself home alone on Sunday morning. Janet’s cell phone was on the kitchen bench, there was no note and her car was gone.
Have you used many ‘shoulds’ or ‘musts’ recently?

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