Are You a Parent?

I just wanted to give you a quick update on what to expect next from Yemanya Coaching.
My latest e-book on relationships is about to hit the web site – it works well with the 10 Day mini-course.
• If you find it hard to keep your relationship on an even keel this is for you.
• If you always seem to choose the wrong type of person, this is for you.
• If things are ticking along quite nicely but you’ve lost the sparkle, this is for you.

When Yemanya Coaching evolved from my previous life experiences and careers I decided that I would work in 3 areas, Self development, Relationships and Communication and Raising Children, I’m not sure about the term ‘parenting’….

The first two e-books and supporting courses are written and out there, thanks for all the positive feedback!

So, now it’s onto ‘Raising Great Kids’, this is not going to be a book about how to feed your child or get him to sleep at night. This is a book about how what you do to, with and for your child shapes him or her into the adult he or she will become. Your behaviour and values will be the biggest influences on your child’s life and development. This book will help you understand the developmental stages of childhood from baby to late teens, you’ll learn how deal, in a positive supportive way, with the challenges being a parent throws at you. You will be able to raise your child to be a successful and happy young adult.

You may not like everything I have to say – that’s fine. Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter.

“If you love, care for and respect your child you will in turn get a child who shows these qualities . Your child will have learned from you that this is the way to behave, this is the way to relate to people.

If, however, you have treated you child as a nuisance, if you have been short tempered with him / her and shown little love or respect that is what you can expect from your child.

As already mentioned, tiny babies are equipped with scanners which take in and store away everything they see and hear. If as parents you shout at each other and any other children in the house, then your new baby will grow up thinking that this is the way to communicate”.

It would be exciting to have your comments – and any great ideas you’d like to pass on – you’ll get the credit!

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