More than one way to get your life back!

I’ve just been reading a book called “the naked leader”, by David Taylor. It’s reasonably interesting but also slightly irritating. David has set the book out in such a way that you can read it by jumping from section to section or reading through as normal. I’ve tried both ways but found myself distracted by the page cues for the next section – if I had been following a different path through the book.

Does that make sense – probably not. Anyway, I gave up! But it did make me think that there are many paths through life and that we choose them!

We choose whether to take the straight road or to follow all the side tracks that crop up in front of us. Sometimes we are distracted by other people, sometimes we are pushed off track by events beyond our control, sometimes we just lose the place – like I did with the book!

If you are constantly being distracted or losing the place or you may not be sure where you are going this would be a good time to invest in our EBook: “How to Get Your Life Back” – our very effective e-book. I was having a conversation with my web-site manager the other night, and he asked about a table of contents for the book. I said there isn’t one, because I would like people to work their way through the book and not hop from topic to topic. Each section builds on the previous one and by the time readers come to the “I’m In Control” work book they will have come to know themselves much better and will be committed to making change happen.
Yes, there is more than one way to get your life back on track, but if you want to feel better faster and know you are on the right track, sign up now. You could get your life back!!

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