Little Voices in Your Head

All day everyday you are thinking, talking to yourself in your head. Sometimes you are thinking constructively, solving problems, planning, etc., but a lot of the time you are listening to the little voices in your head. They need to be saying things that will help you keep your life on track.

They might sound like this:-

Oh Heck, I’ve put 2 sugars in my coffee again, I’m hopeless I have no will power, I’ll never remember to leave the sugar out.

What have you just told yourself? That you won’t remember to leave the sugar out.

So, I didn’t go for my swim after work again, I’m too tired and too lazy, I’ll never get fit.

What have you just told yourself? That you are not going to swim.

Change what the little voices say.

Oh, Dear I’ve put sugar in my coffee – I’ll remember next time and I will only have ½ a slice of toast to make up for it.

What have you just told yourself? That you won’t have any sugar and you are determined to make a change.

Oh, I forgot to go for a swim tonight, I’ll remember tomorrow, I’ll set my phone alarm to remind me.

What have you just told yourself? That you will swim and you’ll do something to remind you.

Monitor the little voice in your head, catch it and correct it. Tell it how you want things to be – your brain will listen and it will co-operate! It does what you tell it – you just need to tell it the right things.

Don’t put yourself down. Tell yourself how well you are doing, e.g. I’m getting fitter everyday, I love having a swim after work.

I’m really pleased that I have my coffee without sugar.

Make the little voice in your head work for you, get your life back on track.

Good luck! You are wonderful.

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