Janet and John

Janet and John are a fictitious couple, but they could be very like your next door neighbours! They used to live in the personal column of a newspaper, then they moved to twitter and some friends of mine have suggested that they should be in this blog, so, if you don’t know Janet and John, here is an update.
Janet and John used to live in London, they have recently moved to Christchurch. They, or rather John, had to leave the U.K. John plays away from home and his latest game involved a relative of his company’s managing director – oops, not too smart. Janet knows about this affair – but, it seems, none of the others. Janet believes that they are moving to N.Z. to make a fresh start. John’s company recognises his excellent contribution to their business they just don’t want him messing up the family! So they offered him a position with a sister company in N.Z. John is a shipping logistics expert.
John has good intentions, he always has good intentions! At the moment they are renting a house in Christchurch while John settles into his new job and Janet looks for a house to buy. Will they get their lives back on track?

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