Janet and John, John goes to the office.

It’s been a bit of a holiday since Janet and John landed in N.Z. But all holidays come to an end sometime. John went to the office today, to work, he had visited, with Janet and they have toured the various locations the company has in N.Z., but now it back to reality. Will they get their lives back on track?
Janet is home alone in their rented accommodation. Home alone with time to think. new country, new job for John, no friends, no work for Janet, plenty to do but not sure where to do it. Moving home is hard enough without having to manage everything in a completely new environment. And the little voice in her head is always asking, why. Why did he do it, is he going to do it again, can I trust him, can I forgive him.
One of the good things for Janet about coming to N.Z., is that she has a sister who lives in Sydney. Janet’s parents are dead so her sister is her closest living relative. Janet is looking forward to visiting her sister in Sydney, but at the moment it feels like a million miles away. Janet isn’t sure how she’s going to get her life back.

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