Is the Recession coming to and end?

Is the recession coming to an end?

Some say yes, some say no. It’s a bit like global warming, there is a wide range of opinions and huge disagreement between the extreme views on either side. It is easy to get caught up in all the negativity that is around, especially if your life isn’t going as well as you’d like it to.
History shows that some people come out of bad times better off than they went in. Yes, lots of people come out worse, but let’s take a look at how to avoid that happening to you.
In my ebook, ‘How to Get Your Life Back’, there is a section on how the people you spend your time with affect your life. The same principles apply to the things you do.

Successful people take responsibility for themselves. They acknowledge what is going on around them and realise that they don’t have to be involved in it.

Supposing your colleagues at work are always complaining about the company, the terms and conditions etc, you need to take a step back and ask yourself these questions,
• If this is such a bad place to be why are they still here?
• If the terms and conditions are so bad why are they not trying to change things?
• What other things are they talking about? Probably none!

Also take time to look objectively at their approach to their own lives. More often than not you will find that they are quite happy in the rut they have carved for themselves and that complaining about everything while making no effort to change things is just how they operate.

These people are not willing to take responsibility for their situation, they are content to let life ‘happen’ to them.

On the other hand, you will come across people that recognise the good bits and try to improve the bad bits, they communicate and come up with solutions to problems, they are proactive in their work and their lives. These people are usually busy, they have a positive outlook, they don’t get stuck in a rut because they take responsibility for themselves and make the effort to create the life they want and they are not afraid of change.

You will also find that these people are grateful for what they have. They may not enjoy their present job but they will learn what they can, do the best they can and make moving onward and upward part of their plan. People like that are energising to be around, the moaners will suck your energy from you and leave you feeling just as flat as they are.

Energisers are happy to help, happy to share their ideas, happy to encourage others to be the best they can be.

Moaners don’t want to see anybody being any better than they are, in fact they will make life difficult for anyone that tries to improve their lot. They don’t want the challenge of taking responsibility for themselves, it’s much easier to blame the company, their partner, life in general. If it’s something or someone else’s fault you don’t have to do anything about it – they make it O.K. for themselves to be victims.
So, what has this to do with the recession? You choose. You can use this time to prepare yourself to take advantage of the opportunities that will surely arise when the economy picks up – or you can create opportunities for yourself by coming up with ideas to help yourself or your company to do better in the recession.
Or you can be a victim, you can complain about the state of things, you can slide down the slope and sit at the bottom with all the other folk down there waiting to see what will happen.

My choice is to take responsibility for what I do everyday.
• I’m grateful for everything I have. I have been a lot worse off!
• I try to help someone everyday, even if it’s just dropping 20c in a parking meter that has run out.
• I let my family and friends know how wonderful they are.
• I do 5 things everyday towards my long term goals. E.g. I take the weeds out of my vegetable garden – so that I can eat fresh veg in the winter. I attend to the day to day management of my businesses. I take time to spend with my animals, some are pets, some will go to market, they all need to be healthy. I write something for a book or web page everyday. I make sure I eat sensibly to keep my weight and fitness at acceptable levels, I want to be healthy in my old age!

By giving yourself some goals and working towards achieving them you give yourself a sense of success and satisfaction everyday.
Start with little things and move onto bigger things, you’ll be amazed at what you can do! And you’ll be ahead of the game when the recession ends.

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