Gratitude Log – Manifesting

Thanks to Dave for more wonderful advice.

Would you like to hear my secret on how I became
really good at manifesting?

The secret is actually very simple. I live my life
with my eyes and ears wide open. The universe operates
with certain laws that ALWAYS work. One of them is
that the moment you ask for something, the universe
has to answer.

Small signs will start appearing everywhere. The
trick to go from small items to bigger items is to say
thank you whenever something magical happens in your
life. This is where most people completely get it wrong.

They start asking the universe for bigger and bigger
things without ever appreciating the present. There
is so much for you to be grateful for and to appreciate

If you cannot see that, then there is no way you will
ever be able to turn the cycle around in your favor.

So, start to make gratitude a daily habit and say thank
you every single day for all of the miracles that are
already in your present. Once you do, and you have to truly
mean it, then the doors of the universe will swing wide
open and you will become more and more powerful at

So, start right now and let the universe know what
you are grateful for.

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