I do a lot of research and reading for the material you find on this website and one of the exciting things about that is I am constantly tuned in to seeing books, videos and life events that inspire me. I often find that when I’m stuck for an idea or where to go next something or someone will pop up at just the right time.

You may have noticed that Janet and John have come to the web site, of course there’s another agenda, we can explore all kinds of things about life and relationships with Janet and John. I wanted to take a look at how Janet might be dealing with her feelings about John after his affair. I was wondering if she would forgive him.

A couple of days ago I had some time to pass so I went to the local library, always a good place to pass an hour! In the ‘new books’ section I picked up a book called ‘My People’s Dreaming’, by Max Dulumunmun Harrison. Max is a Yuin, one of the original people’s of Australia. It is a beautiful and insightful book, amazing photography by Peter Mc Conchie. Published by Finch Publishing, Sydney.

In the last section Max writes about forgiveness. Just what I was looking for, but not where I thought I’d find it.

Max says that forgiveness is one of the extreme points of spirituality and personal growth. Forgiveness can happen on a small scale and a big scale. Max goes onto discuss forgiveness and says that forgiveness is part of your healing, it’s self healing, it’s got nothing to do with the person that has done wrong.

Caroline Myss, a modern day mystic and healer tells us a very similar story. To forgive is to free yourself from a burden. Carrying bitterness and resentment can manifest as physical and mental illness.

We are not all lucky enough to go to Max’s wonderful tribal lands to experience the sacred places and cleanse our souls bit I will quote his final paragraph for you.

“ So, forgiveness is such an important part of your recovery. It is one of the highest extreme levels of acceptance. It’s one of the greatest achievements if you can forgive – your spirit stays free. It’s not caught up in that turmoil of anger and that resentment that is carried to your grave or through your life. You must strive to be free of that to have free spirit, to have a spirit that is not tarnished in that sense. It’s a pretty big call to forgive.

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