Are you too busy?

I was up early this morning, we keep a few cattle and have a sickly calf to nurse at the moment. I was very aware of my long to do list for the day, but it was such a beautiful summer morning that I dallied around in the garden for about 20 minutes, I took a few photos of the sun and dew on the flowers, I enjoyed the bird song, I watched my dog sniffing around for rabbits. A truly wonderful start to the day. However, work was calling, I came in and by the time I had eaten my breakfast a thick sea fog had rolled in and turned the garden to a murky grey.
A few things come to mind.
#Enjoy the moment – it’s all you have, If I hadn’t stayed out in the garden I would have missed the sunshine.
#Be grateful for what you have – I’m grateful that I was able to enjoy the morning – some people were at work, other’s may be ill or in prison, be grateful for what you have.
#Don’t put off till tomorrow anything you can do today – you might miss the sunshine!
#Give yourself a little time everyday to just ‘BE’ enjoy the moment, it’ll make today better – and several more days better too as you recall the good feelings.
A big part of life coaching is helping people put things in perspective. One of the best ways to do that is to take time to look outside yourself, reflect on what you are doing right now, think about what other people might be doing or suffering right now, be grateful for what you have and send love to those who may not be as well off as you are.
It is good to be busy, but don’t be so busy that you lose sight of life.
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Best wishes and take some time out today.

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