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Dr. Bach wasn’t the only doctor who was sure that the reason of the disease is the imbalance between the mental and the physical sides of the human. But he is thought to be the first to discover the remedies treating both the body and the soul.

He considered the illness to be a kind of lesson the destiny offers to the person. It’s the way to make the person learn how to feel in order not to be sick, to understand the inner harmony of the human. Dr. Bach was convinced that health is actually the state of balance between the physical and the emotional. Therefore, Dr. Bach wanted to treat just the soul, not the body and in this way make the patient recover the body himself. That’s why he left his homeopathic practice. Although the homeopathic approach supports the concept of treating both the body and the personality, but it doesn’t only focus on the spiritual side of the problem. The main difference of Bach’s approach that he didn’t want to pay attention to the physical at all as he was sure that the patient who is in harmony with himself can cope with all the problems without any outer help.

The recovery of the body is to be performed by the inner vital force of each patient according to Bach. Homeopaths also believe in the self-healing capabilities of the human but they don’t think the patient doesn’t need any outer help to relieve the physical pain or other consequences of the disease. But both homeopaths and Dr. Bach’s followers are sure that the good treatment refers not only to the physical problems unlike the traditional medicine. Another peculiarity of Bach’s and homeopathic approach is that they don’t recommend to take the remedies further if there is the improvement. This is quite normal for the classical homeopathic concept. Moreover, they think the further prescriptions of the same medicine might bring no results and be even dangerous for the patient. In other words, if the patient feels better, he doesn’t need any treatment.

Both approaches support the idea of the vital energy concealed in the nature and that this energy can be used for healing people. Thus, it’s necessary to create the remedies which preserve this energy and its properties. The treatment then is changed to the process of transferring the energy saved in the remedy to the patient. The inner patterns of the remedies must make the mental state of the patient positive. The main difference between the homeopathic and Bach’s methods is in the way of preserving the natural energy. Bach thought to create his own unique way which appeared to be more effective than homeopathic one. The energy of plants and sun gave its power to Bach’s remedies. His methods to prepare the remedies from plants are completely different to those in homeopathy, that’s why one can’t say which approach is more effective. They can be even combined together to bring the best effect. The main aim is to help the patient recover and generally it doesn’t matter how if it really works.

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