Personal Life Coach Emotions part 2

Personal Life Coach Part 2

Thoughts and emotions are pure energy. Every thought you have is creative. The energy of what you are creating with your thoughts can be felt by other people. If you are thinking about someone in the same room as you there is a more than fair chance that they will turn to look at you. They may even ask, ‘what are you thinking?’
Your thoughts more than anything else affect how you feel – your emotions. Try observing your thoughts and how you are feeling, consciously change how you are thinking and notice how your feelings change.
You can create happiness and joy around you or you can create anger and strife – the choice is yours.

If you are serious about feeling happier and thereby attracting more happiness into your life, keep a thoughts and feeling log. Make a quick note of what you were thinking about and how you are feeling every couple of hours or so.
• Are your thoughts more positive that negative?
• Do you judge people or appreciate them?
• Do you think about what you can do to help or do you quickly work out an excuse not to help?
• Are you grateful for what you have or are you always wanting something else or more?
• Do you appreciate yourself or are you always criticising yourself?

This list could go on, but I’m sure you have the idea by now. Catch the thought and change it or magnify it, notice how quickly you’ll feel better and be better simply by changing your thinking.

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, developed by Albert Ellis to help people with disturbed or dysfunctional emotional behaviour. Basically the therapist works to help the client change their ‘view
of the world’, in other words, how they think about things. This is an excerpt from Wikipedia, “REBT is then applied as an educational process in which the therapist often active-directively teaches the client how to identify irrational and self-defeating beliefs and philosophies which in nature are rigid, extreme, unrealistic, illogical and absolutist, and then to forcefully and actively question and dispute them and replace them with more rational and self-helping ones

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