Life Coaching at Christmas

More precisely, Life coaching AFTER Christmas.  Many people succumb to stress after Christmas, for many reasons, but two in particular seem to keep cropping up – financial woes and family friction.

Lets deal with family friction first.

When I listen to people talking at Christmas time their conversations are peppered with comments about what their families expect of them, what they expect of other people and how they are not looking forward to various aspects of the festive season.

A HOT TIP  –  don’t have expectations.

  • Don’t have expectations about what people should do, e.g. don’t expect that you should be invited to certain parties, or that certain people should give you gifts, just go with the flow, let people do what they want to do – it doesn’t have to match with what you think they should do.

ANOTHER  HOT TIP – don’t do ‘shoulds’ and don’t do ‘musts’

  • Listen to this, I should invite Elma to the party but I really don’t like her – so be true to your self and don’t invite her.
  • I must get a present for him / her but I really can’t afford it, either just don’t do it or send them an invitation to come and have dinner with you early in the New Year.

LAST HOT TIP – Christmas is about family and time together, yes, traditionally gifts are given – but these gifts should not cost you more than you can afford or put you into debt for the New Year. Be honest with your friends and family, tell them that you are not spending more than you can afford. You’ll soon find out who your genuine friends are.   Remember, gifts made by you and given with love mean a lot more than expensive mass produced presents. You still have time to make truffles!

That brings me to the financial stress. It’s too late to do anything different this year, but next year can be different. Set you budget in advance, collect presents slowly throughout the year, Start early making gifts – you’ll have fun and friends will love it.

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