What do you choose?

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What do you choose now?

The Secret, The Law of Attraction, we have all heard a lot about these things over the last few years, they are not new. I’m sure as a child you heard people say things such as, “like attracts like”. You will have heard about and read about visualising your dreams, feeling as though your dearest wish had come true and it will happen. That is part of the story. The way I see it is this,
• Like attracts like, be kind you’ll be met with kindness, be angry you’ll find anger.
• Do visualise your dreams and goals, do feel as though they were here now – but also DO something about it.
• Be aware of the laws of cause and effect, for every action there is a reaction, which is basically the same as saying like attracts like.
• You will get what you think about, so if you are always thinking that you don’t have enough money or whatever, you won’t have enough money. Try thinking about how grateful you are for what you do have. Make a list of things you appreciate – and feel that appreciation!
• What you think affects how you feel and the two together affect what you do. Make sure you are thinking positive constructive thoughts, you’ll feel better and you’ll be motivated to do the things you need to do to achieve whatever it is you need to achieve.
• Choose wisely, choose to spend your time doing the best you can with whatever you have at the moment. Do the best job you can, even if you are not happy at work, do your best, you will at least be sure of a good reference when the times comes to move on, or you may be noticed for your good work and pleasant demeanor and find yourself being offered a promotion.

The choice is yours, you can choose to attract more of what you have and that’s good if you are happy with what you have. OR you can choose to change your thoughts and actions which will change your feelings, which will change your life.

I choose to appreciate every morning, I love the birdsong, I take time to enjoy what is going on around me. I choose to share what I have. I choose to work hard and I choose to relax when I come home. I choose to care deeply for my friends and family. I choose to be fair and kind at all times – it’s not always easy – but, I find that I always have enough, I have many friends, and everyday I find things to make me smile. I think that life will be good and it usually is.

What do you choose?

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