Virtual Life Coach

Virtual Life coach

Virtual is a word that has crept into common usage, we all know about computer generated images and virtual reality games.
Does that mean that a life coach with and internet site is a virtual life coach?

I was asked recently if I was a virtual life coach. In one sense maybe, I don’t conform to the generally accepted definition of the term ‘life coach’. I don’t conform because most of my work is ‘café coaching’, people talk to me. I don’t seek them out, people just talk to me, I listen. Between us we can usually come up with some pretty good stuff. Sometimes I make appointments with people, maybe they want to follow through on certain issues, maybe they are lost, maybe they have some ideas and they need some help to put them into action, that’s all good, I can spend time with them and help them come up with a plan – but it has to be their plan. It just won’t work if it’s my plan – you commit to your own plan, I can only help you get there.

So, maybe I am a virtual life coach. Yemanya Coaching is based on the work I have done with people to help them identify and commit to the next thing they want to do.

I wrote the How Get Your Life Back eBook and put it on the web so that it is affordable and usable for as many people as possible.

If you buy the book but would like some personal help that is possible, I can talk to you or we can communicate by email, if you like you can visit me.

Virtual is O.K. but real life is better, if you are not quite sure of where your life is going or you want to make a change, don’t go for virtual, go for Yemanya Coaching. Yemanya is the Goddess of golden opportunity – sign up for your golden opportunity NOW, our special offer will end at midnight on 31/12/09.

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