Self-Esteem, Confidence, Achievement.

Self- Esteem, Confidence, Achievement.


When you have high self-esteem you are generally confident and have self respect. The opposite is also true, low self esteem goes with lack of confidence and lack of self respect. We gain respect from others by achieving certain things and meeting certain standards within society. If you feel good about yourself and respect yourself you will generally be well regarded by others. If you know how to meet your own needs you will be able to meet the needs of others. If you are able to take time to take care of your self you will be more likely to care about others. You gain respect and confidence through your achievements. That doesn’t mean how much money you earn or how big your house is. The achievements that build self-esteem and confidence and gain the respect of others are honesty, kindness, reliability, respect for others – all of the things that develop as part of belonging to a group in level 3, friendship, family, sexual intimacy. If you are not confident or you don’t feel good about yourself, you have come to the right place, the work on this site has been developed from a lifetime career of helping young people recover their self-esteem and build confidence. The principles are the same whatever age or stage you are at. Our e-book and 21 day course are designed to help you develop or regain your confidence and reach your full potential, whatever age or stage you are.

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