Keep on course – reach your goal

Keeping on course – reaching your goal on time and happy!
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Some time ago I was writing about setting goals and sticking to the plan. Setting the goals is usually the easy part, sticking to the plan is harder, we get distracted, we get delayed, emergencies crop up, we get sick, many things happen to throw us off track.

It’s a bit like going to the coffee shop or the bar, your goal is to get there, meet your friends and enjoy yourself. You are driving along, it’s a pleasant afternoon, then you come up behind an old lady in her car, she is going along slowly – what do you do?
• Get mad? No point, you will only upset yourself. You’ll be old one day, think about that!
• Overtake? Yep, if the road is clear and you won’t break the speeding law. So on you go, back on track to your goal, still calm and happy.
• Stay behind her, yep, she’ll probably turn off before you anyway. Your still on your way, no problem.

Next up, road works, big queue of traffic, you know a way around, quick left, down a few streets, turn right and you are back on track, still making good time, your even smiling now.

Oops, no parking spaces!!! What are you going to do now – give up and go home – I don’t think so, you’ll drive over a block, park up and walk back to meet your friends.

Achieving your goals and dreams is a bit like the trip to the coffee shop, you don’t know what obstacles you’ll meet along the way, you do know you’ll get there, you just need to make some alterations along the way. Sometimes this is called trim tabbing, it’s what pilots do, they don’t fly their aircraft in straight lines. They are always adjusting the controls to take account of the wind and the weather, sometimes they are off course and behind time, sometimes they are off course and ahead of time, but with trim tabbing, they get to their destinations on time, safe and happy.

Stay on course – happy trim tabbing!

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