Is It Working?

What did you do at the weekend? Usually I like to relax, do some things that make me feel happy and spend time with my family. Last weekend I spent 3 days with a few other people at a Harmony in Horsemanship Clinic presented by Donald Newe.
I keep horses but I am not a rider, for two reasons, I have never felt the need to ask an animal to carry me around, far less perform tricks with me on it’s back and I am appalled at the brutality involved in some styles of training and competing horses.
Usually I mind my own business unless someone asks me what I think but after this weekend I’m taking advantage of this blog to share some thoughts.

Donald challenged our belief systems, we had to rethink concepts and behaviour. In essence we had to think about why we do what we do.

I felt very at home with this approach, it’s what I try to encourage you to do through this website.
Think about what it is that you believe in,
Why are you doing what you are doing?
Is it working – are you getting the results you want?
Is there a better way?
In doing what you are doing are you respecting and valuing yourself and every other part of the planet, living and inert.

We won’t manage to change everything overnight, but we can make one step in the right direction every day.

If you have self respect and compassion and you have respect and compassion for your fellows be they human or of the animal kingdom take a look at Donald’s web site and the links on it.

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