Family, Friendship and Sex

Did I say we’d deal with sex today?

Maslow’s third level deals with family, friendship and sexual intimacy. Love and Belonging.

If you are running around trying to find food and fight off tigers you won’t have much time for anything else and you surely won’t feel safe. However, When you feel safe and successful you are motivated to mate and keep your gene pool going. In safe environments you can take time to develop relationships, you can take time to explore your values and compare and contrast your values with those of your friends, relationships develop and life long bonds are made. Sexual intimacy develops as part of a trusting relationship, though you may question that comment when you think about the way we treat sex as a casual encounter these days. Generally in this society it is easy to have our basic needs met, therefore we can have sex and move on without risking exclusion from the group that provides our safety. Sex seems to be one of the first things that happens between couples, the motivation for sexual satisfaction has over-ridden the motivation to develop a safe relationship within which to have sex. Humans work best in partnerships, sadly, in some cases these partnerships are abused and become power struggles, that leads us to the next level of Esteem and Confidence. Much of the work of a life coach is about helping people rebuild confidence and self-esteem that has been damaged by interactions lacking trust and security.

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